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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 21, 2013 4:00am-4:30am PST

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office as required by law on the 20th of january. take a listen. >> please raise your right hand and repeat after me. i, barak hussein obama, do solemnly swear -- >> i, barak hussein obama, do solemnly swear -- >> that i will faithfully execute -- >> that i will faithfully execute -- >> the office of the president of the united states -- >> the office of the president of the united states -- >> to the best of my ability -- >> to the best of my ability -- >> preserve, protect, defend -- >> preserve, protect defend -- >> the constitution of the united states -- >> the constitution of the united states -- >> so help me god -- >> so help me god -- >> thank you. thank you. thank you. i did it. all right. thank you, everybody. >> in case you didn't hear the last part, president obama's daughter, sasha told her dad, "you didn't mess up."
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in reference to the first time he took the oath in 20909. last night the president and first lady along with the vice president and mrs. biden attended an inaugural reception where each of them spoke. here's a taste of how the evening went. >> thank you very much for joining us tonight. but more than that, thank you for the kindness, friendship, and support that you've shown us since we've begun this long journey together. >> hello, i am jill biden's husband, and i'm delighted to be with you all here. in the weeks and months ahead, we're going to reduce gun violence here in north america. [ applause ] >> we're going to pass comprehensive immigration reform. [ applause ]. >> and we're going to put this nation's economy on a sustainable path to the future. [ applause ]. >> let me tell you, it has just been a true thrill to watch this handsome, charming -- [ laughter ]
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>> -- individual grow into the man and the president that he is. >> now first of all, i love michelle obama -- [ cheers ] >> and to address the most significant event of this weekend, i love her bangs. [ cheers ] >> she looks good. >> the world will be watching as president obama lays out his plans for the next four years today. and he has set the bar high, saying abraham lincoln's second inaugural is the one he would most like to emulate. danielle leigh is center it all. what's the mood right now? >> reporter: you can feel the energy growing out here. the sun is rising. thousands of people are already here on the national mall. you may be able to hear some music in the background.
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that's coming from large screens all along national mall where i'm standing. they are going air the inauguration, give people an up close view. right now they are playing music, videos and people are crowding around those, watching those as they arrive. many people bundled up. they will be out here in the cold for the long haul. the ceremony doesn't begin until 11 in k34r0. the president takes the oath of office just before noon. when that happens we expect 800,000 people to be gathered around. it will be a very exciting moment. after that will be the parade and one of the highlights are eight floats dedicated to the first and second family, also to civil rights and specifically one float dedicated to martin luther king, jr. as you can imagine security for these events are tight. there are 150 blocks around me shut down and there are thousands of officers handling crowd control. the president and first lady are going to round out the night
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with those two balls later this evening. reporting live on the national mall, i'm danielle leigh. back to you. >> now we have the forecast for that inauguration. washington is picture perfect. >> it's gorgeous out there with the sun coming up over the capitol. temperatures this afternoon in washington, d.c. actually look much warmer than originally expected so folks out there already on a beautiful morning for the inauguration. it's chilly for now but should warm up to 49 degrees. those skies will fill in with clouds later on today and a few light snow flurries are possible. slightly breezy but not all that windy as we go into this afternoon. we're looking at temperatures across the west coast to stay on the cooler side with highs in the 30s in the pacific northwest. we do have some streams of snow showers moving into montana and lake-effect snow across the great lakes region because of all that colder air but the west
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coast itself really quiet for today. rain is going to move back into the seattle area tomorrow but it's still about the fog and the poor air quality in the pacific northwest throughout washington state and oregon as well. temperatures right now are still a little bit chilly but we'll see highs topping out in the 30s and then once the rain moves back into the seattle area we'll see temperatures get back into the mid-40s with a break from the rain next thursday. moves right back in by friday. in some spots through elko, nevada. bakersfield, california should top out at 69 degrees. a break from the rain but more showers work back in but very poor air quality out in that area. thanks. more violent attacks in afghanistan today. taliban suicide bombers blew up
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a car in the capital of kabul. that set off a long gun battle that left three militants dead. ten others were wounded including six civilians and four security officers. it was the second raid inside the afghan capital in less than a week. the death toll from the terrorist siege of algeria has reached at least 81. forces searching the natural gas plant looking for explosives found more bodies. one official said that many of them were so badly disfigured it was unclear whether they were hostages or militants. algerian special forces soldiers stormed the plant on saturday to end the four-day siege. dozens of hostages including american, british, french, and japanese workers were left dead or missing. the teams for this year's super bowl showdown are set. the baltimore ravens will face off against the san francisco 49ers. last night the ravens overcame a strong start by the new england patriots to win the afc championship 28-13. earlier in the day, the 49ers eked out a win over the falcons to take the nfc title 28-24.
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we'll have much more including highlights coming up in sports. a series of gun show accidents, barbara walters' medical condition, and a series of shark videos you won't want to miss. plus, how has president obama impacted the country during his first four years? office? we'll review surprising statistics next on "early today." one. two. three. my credit card rewards are easy to remember with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ both ] 2% back on groceries. [ all ] 3% on gas. no hoops to jump through. i earn more cash back on the things i buy the most. [ woman ] it's as easy as... one! -two. -[ all ] three! [ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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as many apples as i eat in a day. ♪ we got just the right soil, the right elevation, good rainfall that we get here that makes for a great, crisp apple, good-colored apple. that's what we're striving for right there. ♪ you can get high-quality apples just like we grow in every happy meal. yum. ♪ >> good morning. welcome back. here are some stories making news this morning. trouble on the tarmac at newark international airport. a commuter jetblue four of its tires as it landed sunday night veering off the runway. the expressed jet flight was carrying 13 passengers and crew. no one was hurt. in new mexico, authorities say a 15-year-old boy is facing murder and other charges after a fatal shooting over the weekend. five people were killed. the boy's father, his wife, and three younger children. gun sales are surging across
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the nation. and huge lines formed at an indianapolis gun show. one man shot himself in the hand as he was leaving that show. and there were four other accidental shootings in ohio and north carolina. veteran newswoman barbara walters is hospitalized after falling at an inauguration party in washington, cutting her forehead. the 83-year-old walters will be okay, but will not be covering the inauguration today. an abc spokesman says barbara is alert and telling everyone what to do. in bulgaria, police detain a man after he pointed a gas pistol at a turkish minority party leader as he was delivering a speech on saturday. no shots were fired as the shooter was captured by party delegates and arrested. new photos of a crater on mars suggest that water may be hiding in crevices under the surface, hinting that life might have once lived there or could still live there. and a man in australia
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pushed a shark back into the sea after it was seen swimming in shallow waters near beach-goers. it eventually swam out to sea. experts say the shark may have come close to shore because it was sick. the markets are closed today for the martin luther king holiday. as you know, it is also inauguration day. we thought that we would take a look at where the nation stands after president obama's first term. back in january of 2009, the dow was shy of 7,949. friday the blue ship index closed at 13,649. 41% of americans believe the country is headed in the right direction. unemployment then and now 7.8%.
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unfortunately not the case with household income which back in 2009 was just over $52,000. now that number is down, around $50,000. when wall street gets back to work tomorrow, the focus will be on earnings from high-profile names including mcdonald's, at&t, and procter and gamble. investors will keep a close eye on apple and the battery that caught fire was not over charged. officials are investigating the battery's charger and the power unit. davos, switzerland will be in the spotlight for the economic forum where corporate bigwigs and economic leaders will meet. holy millions, batman. the original batmobile from the 1960s tv series sold for $4.2 million at auction this weekend to an anonymous buyer. unlike the comic book version, this 19-foot-long, black bubble-topped car doesn't lay down smokescreens or oil slicks.
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welcome back. some other stories making news early today in america now. some tourists in hawaii had the experience of a lifetime during an ocean outing. two humpback whales got up close and personal with their 24-foot inflatable craft, playfully brushing against the boat several times. a crew member said the female humpback seemed to be using the boat as a backscratcher. one massachusetts dad thought that he was being clever when his kids asked him for a puppy. he told them he would get them one if they could get one million likes on facebook. they took a photo with a sign saying, "hi, world, we want a puppy." this went viral, hitting one million within six hours. unbelievable. dad came through on his promise, adopting millie, this lab/shepherd mix. in sports, super bowl xlvii is being billed as the battle of the harbaugh brothers. john harbaugh's ravens revenge
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beat the patriots with three touchdown passes by joe flacco. ravens' fans celebrated, beating new england 28-13 to win the afc title game. earlier, frank gore had two touchdowns as jim harbaugh, san francisco 49ers staged the biggest comeback victory ever in an nfc championship game, 28-24 over atlanta. the niner fans in san francisco went wild. check this out. ravens and 49ers will go head to head in super bowl xlvii in new orleans in two weeks, on february 3rd. it is the first time two brothers will coach against each other in a super bowl. their father, now, jack harbaugh, played one year of professional football with the afl's new york titans in 1961. after his sons were born, jack began a long coaching career in high school and college. check this out. california, surfers rode waves between 20 and 30-feet high in the famed mavericks invitational surf contest in half moon bay, south of san francisco.
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the winner was a 43-year-old man from santa cruz. later today, president obama will deliver his second inaugural address. this being a national holiday celebrating dr. martin luther king jr., one can be pretty certain that in addition to using dr. king's bible during the swearing-in ceremony that the message and sacrifices of dr. king will be prominently mentioned today. we'll be right back. hey, buddy? oh, hey, flo. you want to see something cool? snapshot, from progressive. my insurance company told me not to talk to people like you. you always do what they tell you?
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good morning. welcome back. we're look at pretty chilly temperatures still across the pacific northwest. the big story is the air quality. we still have a lot of fog, freezing fog in some areas this morning and poor air quality but it should improve tomorrow as rain moves into the area. we're looking at highs today to top out in the mid-to-upper 30s, 80s down in los angeles, we should hit 81 degrees. big difference in what l.a. was seeing a couple of weeks ago. >> 81. nice. now for some entertainment news. oscar-nominated actress jessica chastain easily out muscled arnold schwarzenegger at the box office. the horror film "mama" opened well above expectations. her other film "zero dark thirty" held the second spot with $17.6 million. arnold schwarzenegger's comeback got off to a terrible start. "the last stand" finished 10th,
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making only $6.3 million. 32-year-old olympic figure skater michelle kwan got married over the weekend to 31-year-old coast guard lieutenant gray powell. the grandson of a late u.s. senator. fellow skaters brian boitano and dorothy hamill were at the providence ceremony. in ohio, thousands showed up sunday to audition for "america's got talent." they had 90 seconds to impress show producers. and this weekend, "snl" skewered two controversial sports figures. watch. >> this week, lance armstrong disappointed the last guy on earth who still believed him. [ laughter ] finally, justin bieber's getting cheeky. the pop star posted this photo of his bare backside for the world to see saturday. and then he quickly deleted it. >> this comes to us from
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greenville, south carolina. a decorated veteran got to relive a piece of his past. in 1944, corporal hart was shipped to his family from france following a world war ii combat wound. it never made it. the heart was found in an antique shop and with the help of a group called purple hearts reunited he received his award this weekend. i'm veronica de la cruz. this is just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. has secrets.
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beauty pageant had models improvise. bikini-clad participants braved the snow for a chance at the crown. contestants tried to heat things up as temperatures hovered a full four degrees above zero. goodness. in the end the winner was crowned at a much warmer ceremony indoors. i'm sure she was happy about that. climbing rocks never sounded so tame. a climbing center in canada lets visitors scale steep towers made completely of ice. standing up to 100-feet high, the towers are created using a hose that adds continuous layers of ice over time. some lucky thrill-seekers can even harness up for a zipline from the top of the tallest tower. something i could never do. one eating competition in india goes far beyond traditional hot dogs and wings. participants of all ages were invited to compete in a yogurt eating contest. oh, my gosh. there was no capped time as competitors eat. cash prizes were rewarded to those who consume the most.
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the winner was a girl who ate more than seven pounds of yogurt. with your hands, though, with your hands? >> that sounds absolutely disgusting, but you -- >> i love frozen yogurt. >> okay, all right. >> one of my biggest cravings now has been frozen yogurt. >> cravings because veronica has an amazing announcement to make. >> i do? oh. okay. well, i -- my baby actually craves the yogurt. i'm pregnant, so -- >> i'm so happy for you. congratulations. >> thank you. thank you. it is time for an early look at stories that we're going to follow throughout the day on nbc. this martin luther king jr. day, americans are encouraged to participate in a day of service. since this year's mlk day falls during the presidential inauguration, president obama and the first lady pitched in on saturday, staining bookshelves at a washington school. if you find yourself feeling down today, retailers are hoping a little retail therapy will cheer you up on what is known as blue monday. thanks to drab weather, holiday bills, and wrecked new year's resolutions, today is the unofficial most depressing day
4:27 am
of the year. okay. and former baby spice girl emma button turns 37 today. happy birthday to her. and all day long, you can stay on top of the latest stories and other as they break on msnbc. tonight, be sure to watch brian williams with "nbc nightly news." finally, here's a look at what's coming up later on the "today" show. a former secret service agent opens up about high-level security measures taken during the president's big day. that's going to do it for the "today" show. keep it on this channel for continuing news, weather, sports, and more. i'm veronica de la cruz, thank you very much for watching "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. have a terrific monday. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. at&t u-verse high speed internet offers more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hotspots than ever.
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new this morning, two suspicious dumpster fires damaged south san francisco city hall. why police say they may be looking for an arsonists. the niners the nfc champions. >> winning a super bowl is always a dream for me and something you dream about when you're a kid. >> that is right. super bowl bound. the 49ers back home and getting ready for their first super bowl appearance since 1994. >> let the good times roll. right now we give you a live look at a bounce in the shot of the bay bridge on this monday, january 21st. this is "today in the bay." it is now 4:31. good monday morning to everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm


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